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Having problems listening to our radio stream? Well, here are three common issues solved…

Constant buffering? It may be because your device has a poor connection to the internet. To diagnose this issue simply try watching a video on Youtube and if it stutters then voila! Try moving your device somewhere with a better data/wifi signal. If the problem persists even with a good signal, please read below.

Many android devices use Chrome web browser by default, however, it’s use is problematic for some listeners. Our website and radio stream work great with all other web browsers. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

By default the radio stream should start automatically. But on some browsers such as Chrome and Safari you might need to manually click the PLAY button on the stream player which is located on the upper-right of this webpage. See the picture below.


If you are experiencing an issue other than those mentioned, please contact our team at Also, as an alternative you could listen to UK Bite on the TuneIn Radio app. The link can be found on the left side of this page.

Thank you.

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