Shoutbox Rules

Our goal is to provide our listeners with not only good music entertainment, but also a community where you can interact with our Dj’s and other listeners. Maybe make some new friends too! Here at UK Bite we believe everyone is equal, regardless of their race, nationality or gender. Music unites us all. Unfortunately, as per usual for the internet nowadays, there are a few people who like to disrupt aka ‘troll’ chat boxes. To help control this problem we enforce a set of rules…

You cannot post:

  • Comments that are intentionally racist, sexist, or otherwise deemed socially offensive.
  • Comments defaming (slandering) anyone, especially our DJs or listeners.
  • Comments or links promoting political or civil rights activism of any kind.
  • Links to pornographic websites.
  • Links to other websites for the purpose of promoting business -without prior permission from us.
  • Any kind of spamming.
  • Engage in anything which is illegal, either in your own country, or in the United Kingdom.

We have zero tolerance for anyone who intentionally breaks these rules. The first breach will result in a warning, second breach and the offender shall be permanently banned! Our tech team will block offenders from accessing our website based on their IP and device MAC address, the most effective methods of keeping trolls away.

By using the Shoutbox you agree to these rules and understand that you are responsible for your own posts. We will assist any legal action (libel, etc.) as a result of illicit comments. We, the UK Bite staff and owners, do not bear the responsibility for posts submitted to our website by visitors.

If you wish to report any Shoutbox user for breaching these rules, please contact

Thank you and have fun!

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